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Mule Deer Hunting in Mexico with Sonoran Outfitters

On our Mule Deer hunts, I pick you at the Tucson, Arizona airport. Then we will transport you across the border to my ranches. I will handle all of the gun permits and USFW paperwork. Hunts are 6 days guided 1×1. Hunters have many options like, adding extra days, taking a second Mule Deer or a Coues Deer, for a trophy fee. My ranches have a mix of flat desert terrain full of Cholla cactus that we hunt by high racking, knobs that we climb up and spend hours glassing spot/stalk hunting.

Over the years I have slowly fined tuned this Mule Deer hunt. These Sonoran Mule deer act very different than their Rocky Mountain cousins. They at times rut more like a eastern Whitetail Deer. They will pull a doe away from the group and lock her down. They normally don’t group up a harem, only staying with the does if one or more are ready. If some of the does have markings showing they have bred and also there isn’t a big mature buck with them, he is probably not too far away.

There isn’t a free range ranch is Sonora, that has 200 inch Mule Deer running everywhere. But, after growing up in Arizona, and hunting in all the best places in the western states. I will tell you, Sonora, Mexico is in my opinion the best over all. You can hunt giant Mule Deer during the rut, use a rifle and pick your dates. If luck finds you, you can even slam more than one of these world class animals.

I personally have been lucky enough to have taken some giants in Sonora. I understand what it takes a lot to kill really big deer. Everything from where the best genetics are, type of ranch, ways to manage, age, how to hunt them, and types of guides needed.

I promise you this. You will find that myself and my team, will put 110% into your hunt. Contact us today to set up your Sonoran Desert hunt.

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Mule Deer Hunting

Sonoran Outfitters on TV:

Check out this video preview of a giant mule deer with Sonoran Outfitters, as seen on Hunting Illustrated.


Outfitter Review

I’ve hunted with Sonoran outfitters 3 times now with great success each time. Nice accommodations and Excellent food . Ranches are beautiful very fun hunt as well. Will be there again in December this year.

– Tom Merkle (Google Review)

Outfitter Review

I hunted with Sonoran Outfitters for the first time this year. The accommodations, staff, and food were wonderful! The amount and trophy size of the game we hunted was very impressive. I recommend Sonoran Outfitters to anyone wanting to hunt south of the border.

– Chase C. (Google Review)

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