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Thing To Know – Hunting in Mexico

Once flight lands in Hermosillo, hunters will walk to gate, and go thru customs. Hunters with guns who have their gun permit will need to present it. If S.O. has your gun permit in Mexico, there will be a military soldier who will check your gun/guns in at that time. To help with any USA airline gun problems, bring gun permit application.

Hunters should fly from the USA thru Phoenix, Arizona and then ONLY to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. NOT Mexico city!

After hunter goes thru customs, Todd Rice or a S.O. employee will meet hunters outside glass doors and transport to ranch. If hunters have any flight problems, they should take a taxi to the Royal Palace Hotel about ¼ mile from airport and contact Todd at 253-269-8789. Mexico cell service is weak, sometimes the best is to text message.

Ranch houses are nice clean Mexican style, with beds, showers, toilets, electricity and most have satellite TV. S.O will provide sleeping bags.

70% of Mule Deer hunting is done from high racks. But hunters should prepare for spot and stalk with medium level hiking. Good quality boots and equipment equal to most western deer hunting is required. Coues deer hunting is 90% spot and stalk.

Hunters should bring flat shooting rifles in the 270 to 338 caliber with variable power scopes. Shots at deer will be from 50 to 400 yards.

Hunters can take more than 1 deer during the hunt. Extra Mule Deer and or Coues Deer, Javelina, Bobcat and Mountain Lion fees are per hunt contract.

A wounded animal is a DEAD animal. Hunters can choose to look for the trophy during the remaining days, and or keep hunting for a second trophy at the contract rates.

Hunting temperatures will range from morning lows of 35 to mid day highs of 60 to 80 degrees. Gear from gloves, long underwear, water proof jacket and wool hats will be worn in the morning, then to t-shirts and sunglasses by mid day.

Ranch food is a great mix of American and Mexican. Drinks from soda, bottled water, juice and beer will be provided. A weekly menu will be provided for hunters to choose from. Anything special that hunters want to eat or drink should be asked for prior to arrival.

After hunt is over, Hunter will be brought back to Hermosillo. If a hotel stay in town is needed, cost of hotel is to be paid by hunter. S.O. will handle U.S. fish and wildlife papers at airport and packaging of antlers and hides.

Tips are appreciated, but not required. If you had a great hunt and feel we worked hard for you. Hunters should tip their guide +/- 10% of the hunt cost. Cook $ 50 – 75 per hunter, Driver $ 75-100

Mexico is a beautiful place that provides hunters unlimited opportunities. BUT it is a 3rd world country and hunters need to be patient and realize they are in MEXICO! TRIP/TRAVEL Insurance is recommended. You can get trip insurance thru Safari Club International.

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