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Sonora Mexico Desert Hunting with Sonoran Outfitters, LLC.

Professionally Guided Hunts For Trophy Class Mule Deer, Desert Sheep, Coues Deer & Buffalo in the Sonoran Desert!

Sonoran Outfitters  has been providing quality hunting experiences in Sonora, Mexico for Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep and Bison for almost two decades. We have learned some valuable lessons and gained a wealth of experience that is a must to succeed in Mexico. Every year I feel blessed and very fortunate to have been a small part in helping a hunter take the biggest Mule Deer of his life. Or standing next to a sheep hunter as he completes his Grand Slam.

We only do FREE RANGE HUNTS. Each season hunters take some incredible trophies in Mexico. But unfortunately many of these animals were shot in high fence enclosures. And when the pictures are posted on the internet. They neglect to mention that the animal was raised in a pen. In some cases the deer or sheep are tranquilized, then loaded into a horse trailer and taken to a low fence ranch before the hunt. As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of high fence hunts. Never have and never will.

Each summer we spend many scorching hot days in Sonora, making improvements to our ranches. In Mexico sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference in your hunt.

If you are looking for a high quality “guided” Desert Sheep, Coues Deer, Mule Deer or Buffalo hunt with incredible trophy potential call Todd Rice at Sonoran Outfitters: (253) 269-8789

Sonoran Desert Mexico Guided Hunts

Guided Sonoran Desert Mexico Hunts

Desert Mule Deer Hunt Sonoran Outfitters

Hunt Mexico’s Giant Mule Deer!

If you are in search of a monster mule deer and a unique hunting experience in Mexico the record books clearly show Mexico’s Sonoran Desert is the place to start. The area has become famous the world over for the extremely wide, dark horned bucks that it regularly produces.

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Desert Bighorn Sheep Ram Hunt Sonoran Outfitters

Hunt Mexico’s Giant Desert Sheep!

With the limited area desert bighorn inhabit and the low number of permits available, they are the hardest north American sheep to attain. Hunters applying for years still have little chance of being drawn. For hunters wishing to harvest a desert sheep our landowner permits offer a great alternative!

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Desert Coues Deer Hunt Sonoran Outfitters

Hunt Mexico’s Coues Deer!

Sonoran Outfitters guided Coues Deer hunts have a high success rate and offer a unique hunting experience, especially for those who have never hunted this small, elusive deer in Mexico. Every year our hunters take numerous trophy class “typical” and “non typical” Coues Deer bucks. Are you next?

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Buffalo Bison Hunt Sonoran Outfitters

Hunt Buffalo | Bison in Mexico!

This American Buffalo hunt is your chance to take a free range Buffalo for your Super Slam…This is a real hunt! Bulls can be entered into the Boone & Crockett Club. Hunts take place from November thru March. Cows can also be taken at a discounted price.

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Sonoran Outfitters on TV:

Check out this video preview of a hunt with Sonoran Outfitters, as seen on Pulse Factor TV.


Outfitter Review

I have hunted with Todd Rice and Sonoran Outfitters the last two season at several of his Sonora, Mexico, ranches. Each season I have had great success in harvesting mule deer. In December of 2015, I was able to harvest a 221″ gross mule deer while hunting personally with Mr. Rice. The accommodations are comfortable and the food and guides are great. The ranches operated by Sonoran Outfitters are properly managed and game is plentiful. I will be returning again this season to hunt both mule deer and coues deer. I would be happy to speak with any interested hunters concerning my experiences with Sonoran Outfitters.

– Travis F. (Google Review)

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