Sonoran Outfitter's Guides

Todd Rice
- Owner/Guide

Todd is the owner of Sonoran Outfitters. He has been guiding and outfitting in Mexico since 1998. Todd is 51 years old and was born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ. He and his wife, Jennifer split the year living in his home town of Flagstaff and on beautiful Fox Island, Washington.

Todd spends 90 days a year in Sonora, Mexico guiding hunters for his operation each year.  From the time his great grandfather hunted with President Teddy Roosevelt, the love for the outdoors has been deep in his blood. Todd has a passion for the outdoors that can't be matched! 

Mike Loper
- Guide

Mike is 49 years old. He lives in Granite Falls, Oregon were he works as a contractor during the off season. Mike has been guiding for Sonoran Outfitters for the past 7 years. Mike is one of the best glassing machine's you will ever find. I have been with him when he spotted a Desert Sheep ram bedded down at over 2 miles!!!!!!!!!! Mike has been and will continue to be a major part of our success. Hunters each year, hunt with Mike and only re-book if he will be their guide again the next year.

Brian Loper
- Guide

Brian Loper is 29 years old and lives is Casper, Wyoming. Since Brian first cut his teeth in Mexico in 2010, he has turned into one of our very best guides.

Marco Pavlovich - Guide

Marco Pavlovich a was a new guide for Sonoran Outfitters for the 2010/2011 season.

Marco lives in Hermosillo, Mexico and has many years of experience in the Sonora hunting world.

He works during the off season as a insurance agent and watches over one of the best Coues deer ranches in Sonora.

He speaks perfect English and is a great part of Sonoran Outfitters.

Steve Burns
- Guide

Steve Burns lives in Camp Verde, AZ and runs a painting business in the valley.

Steve's ability to glass up giant mule deer in the Sonora desert is something to be seen.

During the 2011 season, one one day, Steve glassed up thirty Mule Deer bucks from one hill top !!

Rob Brown
- Guide
Rob Brown form Alberta, Canada. Started with us in 2013. He came with a long resume. And yes it was all real. At his young age of 26, he has more experience that most veteran guides

Jose Eduardo Corral
- Guide
Jose Eduardo Corral has been with S.O. since 2009. He lives in Hermosillo with his beautiful wife and 3 young children. Eduardo speaks great english and has turned into one of our best guides. He is also known as the best looking Mexican in all of Sonora and part of Arizona.

Todd Rice - Sonoran Outfitters - Ph: (253) 269-8789